The 9 Richest Countries in Africa; Ghana Ranked 7th

The 2019 Wealth Report which is compiled by AfriAsai Bank has ranked African countries according to their wealth on the continent.

On the ranking, South Africa tops the list with its total High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) where 39,200 people are holding most of the country’s wealth at $649 billion.

Egypt follows with 303 billion and 16,700 holding the country’s wealth. Nigeria follows in the third position with 225 billion with 9,900 wealthy individuals.

Ghana takes up the 7th position making it into the list of richest African countries but many will of course agree to the fact things are really difficult in the country with the recent transport hikes.

Below is the full list, according to the report:

1. South Africa – $649 billion

2. Egypt – $303 billion

3. Nigeria – $225 billion

4. Morocco $114 billion

5. Kenya $93 billion

6. Angola $69 billion

7. Ghana $59 billion

8. Ethiopia $57 billion

9. Tanzania $57 billion

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