Rwandan’s Gospel Musician Comes out as Gay, to Country’s Shock

Gayism in Africa is something seen in many African countries as a taboo. Many Africans see it as something which is not part of us and something which is seen as against God’s commandment and so for a gospel musician to come out as gay, it was something which rock the country of Uganda.

According to report, friends of Albert Nabonibo, a well-known gospel singer in Rwanda who recently came out as a gay man, do not want their names revealed. It is too shameful, one says. Another says he is anguished because his family knows he often used to socialize with Nabonibo.

Nabonibo told the Associated Press that he came out in order to live normally. Yet the reaction he has received, from family and friends to strangers, has been mostly “horrible,” he said, underscoring the intolerance faced by LGBT people in many parts of Africa.

“But there is no going back because I have to live my real life,” Nabonibo said in an interview in the capital, Kigali. “It’s so sad to see people you know abusing you.”

Nabonibo, who is 35 and a qualified accountant, said he had become an outcast at his workplace as friends isolate him. He is worried he could lose his job. Even at home, news of his homosexuality shocked many relatives, although some have been acting tolerant, he said.

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