Price List Of All Kantanka Cars and they are all Expensive

Kantanka is a major brand gradually gaining root and we today bring you the price list of all the Kantanka cars and the funny thing is that they all do come at a very high cost even though many would have thought the need for it to come down as it’s made in Ghana.

Many are also of the view Kantankacars should be made very commercial-able instead of the luxury the company is focused on.

Let have a look at all his cars and their prices;

1. Kantanka Onantefo SUV 4X4 – GHC170,000

2. Kantanka Omama Luxury 4X4 – GHC150,000

3. Kantanka Mensah – GHC140,000.00

4. Kantanka Omama Standard 4×4 – GHC105,000

5. Kantanka K71 – GHC85,000.00

6. Kantanka Amoanimaah – GHC80,000.00

These are the current price list of Kantaka’s cars and so just keep in mind you really need 80,000 cedis minimum to get a Kantaka.

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