Picture of Canadian Prime Minister Kissing U.S President’s Wife Goes Viral

The first lady, 49, was photographed politely leaning in for a kiss with the Canadian prime minister on Monday at the G7 summit in France, and the image has since taken on a life of its own on social media.

In the photo, Mrs. Trump, clad in a red dress, leans in to offer Trudeau, 47, a cheek kiss with a smile on her face. Her husband, President Donald Trump, gazes downward next to her and appears, in the fleeting moment, to have a sour look on his face.

Of course, the photo was just a brief snippet of a larger moment in which Mrs. Trump also shared a kiss with French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife, Brigitte Macron, as the world leaders and their spouses all posed together.

But that didn’t stop the hashtag #MelaniaLovesTrudeau from taking off on Twitter, with many cracking jokes at the Trumps’ expense.

“Looks like even Melania is thinking of an escape plan to Canada,” one user wrote.

Another joked about her husband’s notorious volatility, writing, “How much longer do we think before the next proposal for a border wall will be between the U.S. and Canada?”

Wrote a third user: “I wish I was a bigger person and didn’t like this so much.”

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