Photos: The Woman with the Biggest B00bs in West Africa Discovered has happened to chance upon a photo of one beautiful lady known as Obianujueo with arguably the biggest be@sts in West Africa.

With massive followers on Instagram as many of course seem mesmerized by those huge goods of hers. It appears she seems to be really enjoying her popularity but it of course comes at a cost as according to her;

“One big problem of having big b00bs is the attention you get. People keep staring and that could be very embarrassing.

“The other one is the backaches and the difficulty of wearing or getting bras that fit your b00bs,” she said.

“Getting clothes that fit you properly without your blouse jumping out is another problem.

“Then, the weight of the b00bs. You keep on having bra marks on your shoulders,” she added.

“You feel different from every other woman like you are unique. You feel blessed.

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