5 Ways Of Increasing Your Organic Traffic You Probably Don’t Know Anything About

Organic traffic is free traffic – and it converts better than referral or social traffic (and the two combined). The reason for this is that search engine visitors are visitors that are already looking for something. They are potential buyers, subscribers or clients simply waiting for they perfect pitch before they’ll open their wallets/purses. In essence, search engine visitors are potential ATM machines for your website/blog.

The sad fact is that webmasters around the world still struggle with organic traffic. What could be the reason for this? More importantly, what is the way out? First, the reason is because most bloggers do not know what they need to do exactly to attract search traffic – free of charge. They keep following the sorry tales pro-bloggers like telling (while they themselves do something else – completely). Secondly, the way out is as simple as following these simple steps/procedures no one blogs about.

Shall we?

You’ve Got Your Meta Tags Missing (Or Wrong)

Meta tags are contained in a site’s header and are used to provide structured data about the content of a blog or website. This structured data, in practice, contains express instructions to search engines what exactly a site is all about. If you are blogging about pets – and dogs in particular, it would be a great idea to have your header section of your theme expressly reflect that. Sadly, most sites do not have any meta tags at all!

The way out?

Install the Add Meta Tags plugin. Once installed, configure it for the set of keywords (or keyword) you wish to rank for. Usually, you’ll begin to see positive improvements in terms of SEO within a month.

Too Many Broken Links Ruins Organic/Free Traffic

When search engines crawl your site, they expect to meet links that are active; links that point to other functional sites – not dead links. If by chance you have amassed quite a number of links that have ceased to point to any other site – and can be properly called dead, you’re in for a surprise: when search crawlers visit your site, you’d be surprised that instead of being ranked higher, you’ll sadly be ranked lower and this will ultimately hurt your organic traffic!


Search engines would assume that your site is abandoned. Or else, you do not have user’s interest at heart: either way, you’ll certainly lose a ton of organic traffic. The challenge of detecting broken links can be a challenge without help. But what if I told you that a simple (and light) plugin can monitor your blog and report to your mail once you have a broken link? That plugin is the Broken Link Checker.

Lest I forget…the first time I ran the plugin, I discovered that my overall site speed increased. In essence, broken links can also slow things down – certainly what you’ll not wish for your blog!

Non Implementation Of H – Tags Is A Bad Idea So Far As Organic Traffic Is Concerned

The h-tags (short for heading tags) are one of the most neglected elements of SEO. Unfortunately too, many bloggers and information marketers today do not know what the tags stand for, how they can be implemented or even the benefits in terms of organic traffic.

It’s sad – real sad.

H – tags typically run from 1 – 6. Thus, when properly implemented, it should read in this manner: H1, H2 etc. These tags, are like sub – headings indicating that your post is a one coherent whole. Thus, you must make sure that your topic as well as your heading tags contain your keywords – or at least a variation of your keyword. To insert these tags, simply highlight the text where you wish to insert them and click on the Text Format tab. Naturally, the font size decreases as you descend from H1. You could simply correct that that unifying the text size via the Text Size tab.

And viola – you’ll begin to notice a tremendous increase in your search traffic!

Ignorance Of Schema (Completely)

Schema makeup is a collective effort of Yahoo, Bing and Google to produce a markup that would be valid across board. Never have these search giants come together in this manner so you should be rest assured that if you’re not implementing the Schema markup, you are sure missing something big.

This amazing markup tells search engines exactly what your content is about: a person, product, news items, review and just about any post category you can imagine. Accordingly therefore, the search engines are better equipped to direct users to your site: all three major search providers!

Unfortunately, this markup can prove time consuming and extremely stressful especially for sites with thousands of entries. Don’t be intimidated though: you can simply download (and install) this plugin and take up things from there.

Did I mention that the click through rate also increases once you have properly marked up your site?

Writing About What No One Is Searching For Kills Organic Traffic Faster Than You Can Imagine!

The last bit about beefing up organic traffic to a site is making certain that you are writing what people are already searching for (or at least optimize your posts for popular keywords). It may surprise you that if you do the things mentioned here, you could easily rank for any keyword – at least with time. Why I’m I so certain?

…because, almost 99.9% of webmasters do not observe these simple rules!

Capping Up

Organic traffic is fun: not only is it free, it brings visitors to a site without any efforts from your end. Fortunately too, these visitors are always willing to pay, become subscibers and make you stinking rich in the process. Why should you say no?

Discipline Your Stubborn Alexa Rank

Of course you want a low alexa rank, so does everyone else, now it’s competition, you want to rank below 100,000 so does ever other blogger. In this kind of competition there are some things you can do that help in reducing your alexa ranking.

But before we go futher let’s see why you need to reduce your alexa rank.

Benefits of a Low Alexa Rank
1. Your blog is seen as authority. Don’t you want your blog to be seen as authority? Any body who comes across your blog gives you respect.

2. The first things advertisers consider before advertising on your blog is your alexa rank. So if you want to attract advertisers, then you must work to improve your Alexa rank. More adverts on your blog = more $$ 🙂 . Once you have an alexa rank below 100,000 then you’ll start receiving advertising offers.

3. For those of you who accept guest posts offers, it’s obvious, nobody wants to Guest Post on a blog with an embarrassing alexa rank. Many Guest writers consider alexa rank before sending their article. So with an good alexa rank you should be entitled to lot of guest posts on your blog.

4. The Truth: If you care about Alexa rank or not, Having a low Alexa rank makes you feel good and really motivates you .
After you must have seen the benefits of having a low alexa rank I’m sure you’ll want to walk towards getting the alexa rank of your blog to a reasonable rank. Lets go ahead.

Boost Your Alexa Rank With These Guides
I’ll take it easy with you so just keep calm and see how you can boost your alexa rank. These are tested and trusted methods and I tell you they work like magic.

1. You need a website. When talking of reducing your alexa rank you should have a website which you want to reduce it’s alexa rank.

2. Create an Account with Alexa. It’s easy to create an account with Alexa, simply click here to register, flling the boxes with your details, make sure you fill all the necessary information correctly.

3. If you have registered an account with them you should now claim Your blog.

How To Claim Your Blog On Alexa Rank

  • After you must have logged in to alexa go to alexa site owner page.
  • Now enter your blog/website domain name and click on Claim Your Site button
  • On the next page you will get all the plans and prices that alexa offers. As being a blogger I recommend you to choose Free plan.
  • Click on Sign Up button under “Free Plan”.
  • Once you click on sign up button, on the next page you will see two verification options.
  • For blogspot blogs select Option 2 and add a meta tag in your blog template under section.
    Please it’s advicable that you backup your template before adding meta tag.
  • After adding meta tag in your blog, go back to alexa and click on “Verify my ID” button.
  • If everything is right, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Click on continue to add your site details.
  • Fill all the details like your site title and description, alexa rank in country and fill your public contact information.
  • Congratulations you have successfuly claimed your site

4. Install Alexa Tool Bar On Your Browser this really goes a long way in reducing your ranking on alexa. You can install it here. It plays a very important role to track your website.

5. Alexa widget must be on your blog to help you reduce your alexa ranking. Why? Alexa keep records of the hit that passes through their system, so it would also be beneficial to add the Alexa widget to your blog.

6. Your blog article type contribute to your ranking any way, the articles which you publish on your blog should have interesting content, which the visitors likes to read. Contents related to SEO, webmaster tools are very beneficial. Do you know that webmasters always visits such sites to get knowledge? And almost every webmaster has an alexa toolbar installed in his or her browser.

Remember I said that installing alexa toolbar On your browser really goes a long way in reducing your ranking on alexa, as It plays a very important role to track your website stats.

7. Create Custom toolbar using Alexa Toolbar Creator this will help you connect with customers and drive more traffic. It’s possible to create your custom Alexa tool bar and promote your site with it.

Note: SERP ranking and Alexa ranking of your website has nothing to do in common.

8. Join Bloging communities, it helps in reducing your alexa rank, I’m a geek a passionate one and I don’t write anything related to blogging on my blog, my blog is based on tutorials, how to’s, gadget and lots more.
How do I attract bloggers?
When I join blogging communities I write tutorials that interest my readers and also interest blogers, ie. “How to Screenshot an Entire webpage” this article is nuatral, even bloggers would love it so when I share it on blogging communities lot of bloggers click on my link and remember they have alexa toolbar installed in their browsers, this will help in reducing my alexa rank.

If you have always wished to boost your alexa rank to the next level then I think this is the right tutorial for you.

The volume of your traffic matters in boosting your alexa rank, anyway little traffic that uses Alexa toolbar can get a better alexa result than massive traffic that don’t use alexa toolbar.

7 interesting Ways To Kill Your Blog

If I I should tell you that I know of 101 interesting ways you can kill your blog, will you believe? I am not an Arsene Winger though who according to Mourinho is a specialist in failure. That to me is indeed a huge word.All that I now hope is that my teams Real Madrid and Man. City will win the champions league and premier league respectively.

Now let’s delve into the main issues on board and forget all those football nonsense. Ha..ha.. So what are we to talk about today?
I want us to look at interesting ways to kill our blogs. Yes, I mean interesting ways to kill your blog.
Registering a domain name and turning it into a profitable blog takes time. It takes patience, hard work and quite a few clever decisions. Some people would even argue that at times it takes a little bit of luck. The one thing that’s for certain is that it’s not easy.

Though most people know how difficult it is to create a profitable blog, many are surprised to learn how easy it is to kill one. Getting noticed as a blogger might take a long time but losing the lion’s share of your readers can be achieved surprisingly quickly.
If you’ve been enjoying a certain amount of blogging success of late, here are seven mistakes that you should avoid making at all costs.

Lose Your Modesty

Different bloggers handle popularity differently. The clever ones remain modest. They continue to write in the same fashion. They continue to work hard. Some bloggers however, they become arrogant.

They begin to write in a somewhat preaching fashion. A certain level of infallibility tends to creep into their posts too. If you want to lose your readers fast, losing your modesty is probably one of the easiest ways of doing so.

Take a Holiday

Bloggers, like anyone else, deserve to take a holiday every now and then. But just like any other profession, you can’t just up and leave whenever you feel like it. If you’re going to take a week or two off, you need to let your readers know. Otherwise you might find that when you return, you’ve lost a significant portion of them. I know of blogs whereby one find the same post all the time therefore making it difficult to tell whether the blogger is on holiday or not since it was never stated in the last post.

Sell Out (too Fast)

If you want to make money with your blog, you’re obviously going to have to monetize it. You cannot, however, go from zero ads to flashing banners everywhere over night.
Multiple pop ups and any form of content locking are also very easy ways to drive your readers away. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different monetization techniques but you need to do so with tactics.
I hate pop ups. Yeah, they are really irritating and very annoying.

Get Lazy

A single shoddy post is unlikely to lead to your blogs downfall. Fans of your blog aren’t going to start complaining about a few spelling mistakes here and there either. But when the quality of your writing starts to drop consistently across all of your posts, people are going to notice. Providing top notch quality should be the target. Or?

 Diversify (Poorly)

Most bloggers don’t start to make serious money until they’ve been blogging for quite some time. Unfortunately, this means that it’s pretty common for profitable bloggers to be blogging about something that they’ve grown a little tired of. Diversification can therefore feel mightily attractive.
Diversification is a fickle beast however. Go too far in other directions and you might find that you lose what made your blog popular in the first place. If you want to cover additional topics, choose those topics with care. And don’t use them as an excuse to spend less time writing about your blogs core niche.

Lose Your Spark

Another consequence of getting a little bored with your niche is that it’s very easy to lose your spark. When a lack of enthusiasm begins to creep into your posts, a corresponding lack of entertainment value tends to find its way in also. In particular, watch out for the following signs that you’re losing what made you popular in the first place.

    Becoming less and less opinionated.
    No longer incorporating humor into your posts.
    Spending less time coming up with interesting post ideas.
    Generally doing the bare minimum.

Forget About Your Readers

Finally, there is the small matter of forgetting about your readers. Most bloggers care about their readers quite a bit when they first start out. After all, it’s pretty difficult to make a profit without them. But when those profits have been rolling in month after month, some bloggers start to take their readers for granted.

They stop writing posts with a specific audience in mind. And though they might still respond to comments, they put a lot less thought into the process. Broken promises start to become a lot more common too.
When a blogger stops caring about his readers, it tends to become pretty apparent, pretty fast. And when it does, those readers tend to start disappearing.

Your Turn

What do you make of this. What do you think are the interesting ways of killing a blog? Your thought by way of comment is very well welcomed.

Ambassadors of Blogging Poverty

Ambassadors of poverty are
The corrupt masters of the economy
With their heads abroad
And anus at home
Patriots in reverse order
Determined merchants of loot
Who boost the economy of the colonial order
To impoverish brothers and sisters at home

Ambassadors of poverty are
The ‘saviours’ of the people
Office loafers in the guise of workers
Barons of incompetence
With Kleptomaniac fingers
And suckling filaments
Position occupants and enemies of service
Locked in corrosive war of corruption
With their people’s treasure
And killing their future

The poem continues some other time. This is one poem which was written by Philip Obioma Umeh  somewhere in the mid-sixties and still stands till date. Today’s post is something about ambassadors of blogging poverty.
The question therefore is; who are these ambassadors of blogging poverty? I don’t know them by names but their characters are what I know.

But as usual, let me introduce my good friend Little Johnny in here. He found himself in church today and take a look at happened.

A pastor announced,”If you know your wife is controlling you, move to the left”.

All the men in the church moved to the left except Little Johnny.

The pastor was amused and asked, “How come your wife can’t control you?”

Little Johnny quietly replied, “Pastor, it’s my wife who told me not to move”

Hahaha! that is how powerful Little Johnny’s wife is.But let move back to business as usual and as you already know, today’s post is dedicated to the ambassador’s of blogging poverty. Who are they? I think I have made it clear that I don’t know them by names but instead do know them by their behaviours.

So what are the characteristics of the ambassadors of blogging Poverty?

1. They are mostly filled with hypocrite

Most ambassadors of blogging poverty are hypocrites. They do exactly the opposite of what they preach on their blogs. This is what Philip Umeh will tell you that they have their heads abroad and anus at home.Come to think of this; a blog telling the entire world how bad this or that product is but at the end, you will find them using it.

I for instance have come across several blogs telling their entire readership how bad it is to use pop ups but at the end they end up using that same thing they have being criticising.

2. They are filled of envy

Another interesting character of these types of ambassadors is that they are filled with envy. As to what constitute that, I am yet to find out. Blogging is fun and one interesting thing is the fact that the internet boasts of more than 1 billion users so receiving 100,000 visitors a day is just a small fraction compared to the number of users on savvying the internet on a daily bases but these ambassadors are just envious of any blog who gets more traffic than them.

3. They think everyone is their competitor

As far as you’re a blogger, they see you as their enemy. Hence no wonder they are ambassadors of blogging poverty and not not blogging richness.

4.They have never made a $1 online before but they go about preaching how you could make $10,000

Hahaha! I guess this needs no explanation. You already know what I am talking about.

5. They are ….

You thoughts are welcomed on this.

There are Only 2 Bloggers in this world; One rules the Other

Hello there, Kabenlah.com is at it again and today is of no exception. I am here to tell you that there are only 2 bloggers in this world of ours and before you slam me with all those figures with respect to the number of blogs which are created on a daily bases, let me slam myself.

According to recent statistics from blog-tracking site Technorati, the blogosphere has doubled every six months for the last three years. That’s 175,000 new blogs per day worldwide. Technorati added its 50 millionth blog on July 31, 2006.

On average, there are 1.6 million posts per day, or 18.6 posts per second, according to Technorati. The blogosphere is also a barometer for the digitally connected world in that specific news events trigger an increase in daily postings. For instance, the start of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict sparked a jump in average activity to 2.5 million posts per day, according to Technorati statistics.

So with all these impressive stats especially with respect to the number posts which are posted on daily bases and I guess this post will be adding up as well, how come do I have the right to tell you there are only two bloggers in this world of ours.

Please hold your piece as at this juncture and let me introduce you to my good friend Little Johnny’s collections.
1)  A teacher lecturing on population said, ‘In the world, after every 10 seconds, a woman Gives birth to a kid.’

 Little Johnny stood up and said, ‘we must find and stop her!’ 

2)    Little Johnny: Why are all these people running?

Man: This is a race; the winner will get the cup.

Little Johnny: if only the winner will get the cup, why are others running?

3)  Little Johnny told his servant: Go and water the plants.

Servant: It’s already raining.

Little Johnny: So what, take an umbrella and go!

4)  Postman: I had to come 5 miles to deliver you this package.

Little Johnny: Why did you have to come so far, instead you could have posted it?

5)      Little Johnny at an Art gallery: I suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call modern art?

Art dealer: I beg your pardon sir that is a mirror!

 6)      Little Johnny was writing something very slowly.

A friend asked, “Why are you writing so slowly?”

Little Johnny: I’m writing to my six year old son, he can’t read very fast.

 7)      Little Johnny’ son:  Mom, when I was on the bus this morning with dad, he told me to give up my seat for a lady.

Mom: Well, you have done the right thing.

Son: But mom, I was sitting on daddy’s lap!

 8) Father to Little Johnny after exam: Let me see your report card.

Little Johnny: My friend just borrowed it; he wants to scare his parents.

 9)  Little Johnny was trying to avoid paying doctor’s fee after an eyes operation, so he says, “doctor, I still can’t see”

The doctor then asks a sexy young and beautiful nurse to Unclothe in front of him. Little Johnny then says “I can’t see!”

Doctor tells nurse to open her legs again. Little Johnny says “doctor I can’t see still.”

The doctor answered “You are silly, if you can’t see, HOW COME YOU ARE HAVING an Attention (ERECTION)? Nurse, prepare his bill please!”

It appears my good friend is already in trouble once more again and there is no way he can’t say he isn’t going to pay his bills and I can bet you had a good laugh at those Little Johnny’s collections. Hahaha!

Let move back to business as usual and our business for today is simple, there are only two bloggers in this blogosphere and who are they?

  1. The first blogger rules the second blogger

The first blogger is that blogger who writes what is on his mind without necessary having to seek the approval of the masses. He or she is himself and cares more of delivering helpful contents other than just writing for writing sake. He has a direction for his blog.

  1. The second is that blogger who believes anything he reads and is a jack of all niches.

What is the direction your blog? Or I guess the goat soup thief made your blog, the recent FIFA world cup made your blog as well, there is poetry, there is how to make money online and there is also about Nicky Minaj. So tell me, what type of blogger are you? Hahaha! So one thing is clear, that blogger who believes anything he reads and writes about anything on this planet will be ruled.

4,000 and 1 Thing which shows you are still a NEW Blogger

I don’t like talking to myself.
I don’t like sharing my voice, if there’s no one to listen. I don’t like the silence I get, when there should be the clapping sound. I don’t like being alone.
I wish I had readers like you, a reader who truly cares. A reader who likes to talk to me, read my thoughts, and shares his thoughts with me.

I used to have few wonderful readers, but I lost them, because I quit my old blog. Now, I’m alone.
I’m lonely.
There’s no one right now, to read my words, to get lost in the ocean of words, to laugh on my stories, to cry on my emotional moments. There’s no one, I’m alone.
I don’t like it. I want to have my readers back. I don’t want to be left alone.
But, I think that’s impossible for the moment. I’ve to be alone.

I’m not saying, ‘I’ve world’s biggest problem, or being the loneliest person on the earth.’ But recently, I started to feel the weight of loneliness on my shoulders. I need to get it off my chest soon or else I’ll get crushed. I need to find readers, people to talk to, and I’m thankful to those who would listen, who would read.

I need a second chance, and I’m giving it to myself.

This above lovely poetry isn’t from my end but from the best writer I have ever known in my entire life and he  goes by the name Romy Singh with Inkliar.com as where he shares his chronicles.

Talking of this great master-writer will mean we aren’t going to talk of our main topic on board today since he has really come a long way and has lots of uniqueness.

What is the topic for discussion on board? And it has to do with 4000 and 1 reason which shows you are still a new blogger. Being a new blogger doesn’t have anything to do with the number of months you have acquired your domain name or web hosting. You might have acquired them more than 5 years ago but if you’re doing any of these, you’re still a new blogger.

1. Changing your Theme like changing your Boxers/Panties

If there is one thing which makes you look more or less like a newbie blogger, it has to do with changing your template every now and then. I sometimes find it difficult to keep up with certain blogs and sometimes feel lost when I get there because there is a constant change themes. Changing your themes often isn’t something worth doing unless you see themes as boxers or panties. Hahaha!

2. Checking your Stats and earnings every minute

The 2000th reason which makes you look like a new blogger has to do with this above point. It is amazing how many bloggers are so much obsessed with their statistics when it comes to traffic and earnings. In as much as it shows how far you’ve come as a blogger  and what you have achieved, what is the use of checking those stats every minute?
Wouldn’t it be prudent to have a specific time to do that?

I think I have forgotten something and for those who have being ardent readers of this blog, you will find out that Little Johnny is nowhere to be found. It is just that he is going through some problems. For those who don’t know Little Johnny, he is that good friend of mine who always finds himself in one mysterious act or the other and as usual today isn’t an exception as well.

The following conversation ensued between Little Johnny and his wife:

Wife: Our maid is pregnant.
Little Johnny: That’s her problem
Wife: Neighbours are talking
Little Johnny: That’s their problem.
Wife: I’m worried
Little Johnny: That’s your problem
Wife: They say it’s yours
Little Johnny: That’s my problem!

Hahaha! Before Little Johnny yells at me; let move back to our problem on and that takes us to our third point which makes the 3000th point. Each point here is valued a thousand. Don’t ask how, that is my problem!

3. Falling in Love with Alexa more than your Wife/Husband

If there is one thing which keep many ending their blogging lives, it has to do with Alexa. Checking alexa for improvements each and every now and now then has become the norm for many but the question is; do you know how alexa rankings work? Hahaha!

4. Feeling you’re not a good writer

Perfection they say is an illusion so why the feel of wanting to be perfect. Having that edge of having to channel all that ‘PERFECT’ post in the right time but at the end, you write nothing makes you just a new blogger with a limiting belief.

+1 Your Turn

Your say on this post makes it complete. What do you make of this post and what do you have have to add as well?

What Would have been different if you were a Rich Blogger?

As usual, another day has dawn on us once again and those of us finding ourselves in this situation have no option than to write and our topic for discussion is simple; if you were a rich blogger what would have been different?

There seem to be the opposite of everything found in this world of ours. It is either you’re good or bad, either you come or go. It is either you’re short or tall or either you’re poor or rich.

Born poor isn’t our fault but if we should die poor, that is our fault. I am not the one murmuring those words but instead the richest man in the world said so. We have no excuse to die poor and that is according to the chronicles of Bill Gates. But is that what we see? There seem to be so many people giving us one thousand and one reasons why they couldn’t make it life.

I make friends with old men a lot and one thing I find intriguing about most of them who failed had to do with this lame excuse of their fathers’ not sending them to school. I pondered, so if you father refused to send you to school, should that be a justifiable reason why you should fail?

It appears I am moving away from our main topic for discussion today as this post is limited to blogging. What would have been different if you were a rich blogger?
But as you already know, the post will not be complete without Little Johnny. For those who don’t know about this Little Johnny of mine. He is that good friend of mine who always found himself in one mischievous act or another and today was of no exception.

Okaka and Little Johnny were approached by a zoo owner to get lions for his zoo and that he would pay $50,000 for each
The two men went into the forest in search of lions.

At the end of the day they found nothing and decided to make a camp in the bush.

The next morning Little Johnny woke up and saw 300 lions surrounding them.
Excited, Little Johnny shouted: “Okaka wake up! WE ARE RICH!!!

(What do you think will happen to them?)

Hahaha! Only God knows how they are going to survive but Little Johnny is shouting that they are rich. Hello Little Johnny, please I do hope to see you alive.

Let move back to business as usual. I guess you might be wondering who a rich blogger is and what do they do differently as bloggers? How much are they worth?
Please take your time. I don’t have all your answers especially with respect to how much they earn but one thing I know for sure is what do they do?

Who makes a Rich Blogger and what makes them Different?

1. Rich bloggers have a plan for their blogs

You see, that is what makes rich bloggers rich. They have a plan for their blogs. They know what to be done according to plan and when to implement those plans of theirs.
If I should ask, what is the plan for your blog? Will you please be able to tell me? Or just like many ‘poor’ bloggers, you go with whatever you’re told or read and have no plan for your blog.

One reason which makes rich bloggers have a plan has to do with the fact that they see their blogs as business and no business can survive without having a plan.

2. They provide Solutions

One thing which makes which bloggers different is that; they provide solutions. Have a look at that blog of yours, does it have solutions which your readers will crave for. Is every minute spent there worth the time?
Providing solutions should be your ultimate aim

3. They are Rich not because of money but by providing Value

One major characteristic of rich bloggers is focusing on providing value instead of cluttering his blog with all sorts of ads all in the quest of making money. Quality is what matters to them and that is what makes them rich at the end.

Your Turn

The question therefore is what would have been different if you were a rich blogger? Your thoughts are very welcomed.

There is Quality in this FREE WordPress Hosting

wow! Today is yet another new month starring at our face right now. Here comes in the month of September and of course another day and time to start something right or continue with what we know to do best.

What I for instance know to do best is bringing something which I know could be of help and today is no exception.

And what I have to offer to you today is that web hosting which is delivering quality hosting starting at $0. Yes what is involved is $0 and so far as starting point is a zero, then I can confidently tell you that; there is quality in this free I am talking about.

I do know you’re eager to know more of it but please relax and let me tell you more of my good friend Little Johnny. The following conversation ensued between him and his girlfriend:

Girl: Hello

Little Johnny: My love how are you doing?

Girl: I’m fine.

Little Johnny: Will you be free this weekend? Can you come to my house?

Girl: I’m so sorry I can’t make it because I will be attending my aunty’s wedding and the next day I’ll be busy, I’m so I guess I’m occupied.

Little Johnny: Ooh ok, was just planning to take you out for shopping, surprise you with an iPhone 5S, then buy you a new dress and the Brazilian hair you’ve been asking for.

Girl: I will be coming and may even spend the whole weekend there if you want, my love.

Little Johnny: What about the wedding?

Girl: which wedding, I was joking…

Little Johnny: Really? Me too…

Hahaha! what do yo have to tell Little Johnny? He was joking but I am not. Back to business as usual as we delve into that awesome web hosting that delivers quality web hosting starting at $0.

HostAwesome is the name. Yes; and they are as awesome as their suggest. There have being lots of skeptism when it comes to dealing with free web hosting, I have had my own story a bitter one for that matter but with all those bad nuts out there,  HostAwesome is an exception.

I have an account with them for almost a month and one thing I was really interested in and loved about was their downtime rate., it is 0.01%. With this, I am telling you there is nothing like a downtime even with their free web hosting option.

Support cuts across the board irrespective of your plan. Having a plan costing you $0 and a guarantee of 99.9% is no joke at all and something really worth considering.

The $0 entails. I am very much interested in $0 option because having the laxity in trying a web hosting before making any upgrade is really great. How many web hosting companies do that? And it is only HostAwesome!

As I was saying, this is what the $0 entails.

  • 1 WordPress Site
  • 100MB SSD Storage
  • 2000 Pageviews/Month
The question therefore is; what more can you ask for? HostAwesome is the name and their friendly mode will be waiting for you there. Hahaha! Trust me!

Top Ministers in this Blogging World (Part 2)

Somewhere in January 21 to be specific, I imposed myself on you as the electoral commissioner in this blogging world going ahead with an election. As a combined electoral commissioner like Veeravalli in India, Jega for Nigeria and Gyan for Ghana, I therefore with all the powers invested in me announce the results.

Anyway, for those who missed the post or had somehow forgotten about it; this is it. I mean the link to the post and please bear in mind voting have close. Hahaha! President of the Blogging World. Please vote once!

Now the results. I know you’re somehow tense and eager to know about the outcome but please hold on whiles I share with you what my good friend Little Johnny is going through. Do you know he is sick? Listen what transpired between him and his doctor.

Little Johnny: Doctor, I am always feeling weak.

DOCTOR: (gives him a medicine) you must always take four table-spoonful of this medicine before every meal.

Little Johnny: Ok Doctor, but there is one problem.

DOCTOR: What’s the problem?

Little Johnny: I have only three spoons at home.

Hahaha! So what do you suggest he does? He only has three table-spoons at home and that is a headache for my good friend as the doctor is saying he needs to take four spoonfuls.

I guess this is something which needs to his own ‘wahala’ not ours and don’t forget I am writing this post as your self-imposed electoral commissioner in this blogosphere. I do hope there is no scheme to overthrow me ooo! Hahaha!

Now back to business as usual. As I was saying, the results are now in and this is how it goes. Out of the lot, we had 4 candidates vying for the prestigious post and as you know, we can only have one president at a time in any given country. Madam Ileane’s reign was over and so obviously there was the need for a replacement.

There was a total was a total of 22 votes. Some were confused and didn’t know where to place their votes so were more or less like leaves in the wind, they were being carried anyway by the wind.

Out if the 22 votes, 3 of the votes were nullified simply because either the person voted for two of the candidates or voted more than once whiles the instruction was simple; vote once! Hahaha!

Here comes the audited result;

1. Harleena Singh- 9 votes representing 40.9%
2. Nosa Ero Nosa – 4 votes representing 18.2%
3. Pat Flynn            -2 votes representing 9.1%
4. Harsh Agrawal- 4 votes representing 18.2%

Ballot spoilt- 3 representing 13.6%

So in all, I don’t you need a rocket scientist to tell us who the winner is. I therefore declare Madam Harleena Singh with Aha-now as the new president-elect in this blogosphere. Hahaha!
Let us watch out for her acceptance speech in no time. The swearing in will be coming on in no time.

Once again, let us move back to business as usual for us to decipher the main issue on board and it is no other issue other than appointing ministers to help our Madam President. So what are the various ministries?

Minister for Long Comment Affairs: Madam Adrienne Smith of Adriennesmith.net
Deputies: Andrew of Shadeofinfo.com and Mi of Beamoneyblogger.com

Minister of Blogger’s Affairs: Enstine Muki of entinemuki.com.
Deputies: Akahaan of Notopoverty.com and Okto of Notordinaryblogger.com

Female Sexy Minister with Words: Madam Lisa of InspiretoThrive
Deputies: Madam Shiwangi of Pensitdown and Madam Nirmala of mymagicgundas

Male Sexy Minister with Words: Ravi Chahar who is in love with Blogginginlove.com
Deputies: Still thinking about them. Hahaha!

Minister for Foreign Travelling and Enjoyment: Mr. Ryan Biddulph who blogs from Paradise with Bloggingfromparadise.com

Ministers who love Blogging more than their Jobs: Mr. Kulwant Nagi who caged himself in blogging with Bloggingcage, Atish who is tricking the world with Techtricksworld, Dok Simon of Blogging Engage, Rakesh of Binary Note, Don Pondurm and the list goes on and on!

Minister for Laziness: Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe
I still continue to hold that position. Who wants to be my deputy? I guess no one. Hahaha!

Your Turn Now!

What did I miss in there? I guess I have missed a lot and your addition by way of comment is very well welcome. What do you make of this? I guess my position as a self imposed electoral commissioner isn’t compromised. Hahaha!

Why your Blog will not Make Money online?

Make online money is the most attractive word and most teenagers love to give it a shot but they do not know how to make money. They know people are making money through their blogs but how they are making money, nobody is basically going to reveal in a single post.

Instead of that, they will guide you to purchase some ebooks that will guide you to make money online.

The four major reasons that I know are the prime reasons, newbies are not able to make any money online and if you are able to find out the idea behind these four reasons, I am 200% sure you are going to earn money in next couple of days.

1. You are writing for the sake of writing

Do you also write how to write blog to attract traffic or how to SEO your blog so that search engine start sending a lots of traffic, AND if you do not mind what is the main reason for writing these types of article?

Well, May be your knowledge is superior than Darren Rowse or John chow and then start promoting these type of post on social media like a crazy man.

I have some serious doubt, how much money you are minting from these types of posts? $1 no, no, no $1.01, Right !
You are writing for the sake of writing, you are not writing to make money through your blog posts? Yes i am 100% sure what I am writing here.

If you are targeting mainly Google, then why are you not targeting the mass through your post? Why you are targeting only a very small segment.

Google adwords tool can help you to find out such topics which are in demands and trending, You can also try to write article on some trending topics like –ICE BUCKET Challenge, Education in Foreign Countries, Government Jobs or upcoming Jobs in IT sector etc etc.

2. You are not writing to make money online

The most famous pro-bloggers do write long post to their probable audience but their each and every post bring some money for them, if you do have any doubt. Just go back to www.john-chow.com and duly check each post now.

Did you find any think unusual?


don’t say  NO

John chow rarely write any blog post that does not contain some meat. Their every post either endorse something or contains some paid links.

But the topic you people choose does not have any meat thus Google or other ads network insert the least CPC ads on your site and later on you people start crying- Google is a big sucker.

3. You do not have any thing to endorse/sell

Most newbie bloggers think that just open a new blog and start writing anything, apply for Google ad-sense and when you have ad-sense- a floodgate of money is wide open for his/her.

No no my dear friends, if you are not too much new to blog sphere then you might have seen the earning reports of many so called probloggers and in that reports if you have ever noticed that these so called pro-bloggers are earning through their service or products not using Google ad sense.
It means, they are selling their own products or endorsing someone else products ( affiliate marketing). Their blog is basically a platform for their products as you can see I am selling Wallpaper WordPress theme and LOL funny Image WordPress theme from by blog.

Do you have your own products? if not then think twice what else you do have to offer to your readers – logo design, banner design, theme design, template, plugin, Content writing or what else?

If you can offer any such service, Prepare a page on your website with some suitable information related to your service or product and place the link in the most suitable place.

4. You are too much jealous to endorse others product

If you do not have any extra skill that you can offer through your blog, then I am sure at-least you know how to write a killer article, instead of writing killer articles for the sake of an article, write reviews.

Why reviews?

Because are read by the people in the last stage of  buying and a good review can help your readers to make decision. After a crispy review, if you are able to generate a visible link to your affiliate program, i am sure you are gonna to make some quick bucks.

This is the main reason, most bloggers love to write reviews on their website.

Now Your Turn

Did i miss something from this post, this post is not a black book to guide you how to make money online, but if you have read it Word by Word, then I am sure you are going to make it big for you online very soon. What do you want to do to make money online?