History about to be Made: Nicki Minaj Set To Perform in Saudi Arabia

Nicki Minaj, partly known for her provocative lyrics, will take the stage in the conservative country Saudi Arabia. The location, in the midst of loosening restrictions on entertainment, will host the “Megatron” rapper at the 2019 Jeddah World Fest (July 18), the Associated Press reports. Strict Saudi laws will still be administered at the concert held at the King Abdullah Sports Stadium including no drugs or alcohol, with concert-goers having to be 16 years or older. Social media reactions to the news ranged from disturbed and disappointment to euphoria. A Twitter video viewed more than 37,000 times of a Saudi woman wearing a loose headscarf accused the country’s government of being hypocritical for allowing the “Chun-Li” artist to perform, according to ABC NewsShe goes on to raise the issue of questioning why women who attend the concert must wear the traditional abaya, a modest full-length robe. “She’s going to go and shake her a** and all her songs are indecent and about sex and shaking a** and then you tell me to wear the abaya,” the woman said. “What the hell?” Broadcasted globally and covered by MTV, the Red Sea city will also have performances by British artist Liam Payne and American DJ Steve Aoki. Past appearances in Saudi Arabia include Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias, The Black Eyed Peas, Sean Paul, and DJs David Guetta and Tiesto. Other rules that have been alleviated surrounding women’s rights are allowing them to drive and now attend sporting events.

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