Neymar’s Group of Friends Receive $12,150 per month for being his Friend

It appears if you have plans of signing Neymar, there are other things you need to consider aside his usual signing on fee and agent fee because his friends need to be contracted as well.

There are group of five who are known as ‘toiss’ and it includes Jo Amancio (childhood friend), Gilmar Cebola Araujo (personal photographer and collaborator in marketing issues), Guilherem Pitta (organiser of leisure acts), Alvaro Costa (in charge of helping him adapt to Barca when he arrived) and Gustavo Almeida (advisor for the family business).

And so it’s great to know to be ‘toiss’ of Neymar comes with it monthly remuneration of 11,000 Euros per month which I guess is enough to live in luxury for just doing nothing other than being a friend to Neymar.

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