Neymar says he is Staying as he warns both Madrid & Barca

According to ‘L’Équipe’, the Brazilian striker informed the Paris Saint-Germain leaders that they were the winners of the battle. The Brazilian star will continue on for another season with Mbappé and company in Paris, although PSG fans may not be as welcoming of the news.

Neymar told all parties involved in the impossible negotiation that he would be staying, right as Barcelona rejected PSG’s counteroffer hours earlier; the Brazilian’s departure had become too complicated, expensive and out of reach

More than 100 million euros, two players (Rakitic and Todido) and the loan of Dembele was too much for a Barcelona that will have to begin to balance their accounts for next year.

Sept. 2 is the deadline for transfers and of course, there could be surprises as the time draws nigh.

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