The 3 Most expensive Shopping Malls In Ghana

Shopping malls are life savers, imagine having to do all your shopping in one place. In developed countries, Shopping malls are no news as they are very common, but in Ghana we are not up there, moreover building a mall doesn’t take a weak pocket, careful planning and millions of dollars are pumped into the project, hence why malls are usually beautiful, large and filled with big local and international shops.

Talking about our 3 malls, we’ve done our research and we have information on who built those malls and how much it actually cost to build them.

1. Kumasi City Mall

The biggest shopping and of course the most expensive mall in the country is that of the Kumasi City Mall located inside the second biggest city in Ghana.
Year: 2017
Project Cost: $95 Million
Area Size: 25,500m2
Built By: Atterbury Property Developmen

2.Takoradi Mall

The twin city comes in second as the city hosting the second most expensive mall  in the country. It is believed to have cost an estimated $40 million but I do believe it would had gone higher if the initial plan of having it as a storey-building was agreed upon by the city authorities. They argued it was close to the airport hence it wouldn’t be prudent to have it in a storey-building as any disaster might be deadly.

Year: 2018
Project Cost: $40 Million
Area Size: 11,000m2

3. Accra Mall

Talk of the first mall ever to be built in the country and it is that of the Accra Mall. The capital city was the first to host the first ever mall in the country in the year 2007 and that was something which unprecedented in the history of the country then.
Year: 2007
Project Cost: $36 Million
Area Size: 25,500m2
Built By: Actis (London)
Shops: 65
Owners: Owusu Akyaw And Family/Actis, Now Owned By Atterbury and Sanlam

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