Imagine-Takoradi Raises some Intelligent Questions which Needs to be Addressed on the ‘Death’ of the Taadi Girls

The issue of kidnapping reared its ugly head in Takoradi recently where three beautiful ladies in the city went missing. Let do some corrections here, 4 instead.

With hopes really on the high as the CID boss assured families that they know where the girls are and that they were saved, this brought in a sigh of relief to the entire nation.

Only for things to go South where we are now been told that all the 4 ladies are dead. Something which is coming from the police department making it really hard to believe.

Hence making Imagine-Takoradi in raising some really interesting questions which are indeed worth making the news.

Imagine Takoradi is a social media page on Facebook which seeks to promote and raise awareness on the happenings of the twin city.

And they ask;


It’s hard for one to come to terms with the DNA result when there’s been soo much inconsistencies and major loopholes that lies bare before our eyes.

Extremely important questions that have been left unanswered and are being kept ignored continually by those who are in charge of the situation and are claiming to work to the families advantage.

It is highly expedient that each of us become us reasonable as we could and pick up every facet of this matter, look diligently into it; bisect and dissect every aspect of it and of course even break it into pieces and try connecting the dots to see if they make sense and that people should accept the result at hand.

And this should be an interest to every average Ghanaian person, as if it’s your own matter because it’s actually is especially the people of Sekondi-takoradi.

Regardless of the many mineral resources we have, the true asset of every nation is their citizens, not just ordinary citizens but ones that do understand that the actual power of the state belongs to them and knows how to harness it like the people of Mauritius.

As the families have constantly been asking;

1. Why is the very police officer who aided in the escape of the suspect is transferred

2. Why are they failing to bring him out even though the families are demanding to see him for interrogations

3. Ever heard that a prisoner has been able to escape from Central police station in the history of Takoradi, so why on this matter ?

4. Will the police be ready to allow the media to get into the custody to show the rest of Ghanaians how the escape happened? How he managed and with what he used to cut the bars opened?

5. How was the suspect able to communicate on phone with his colleague by the name John even when he was still in the custody?

6. What confidently made CID boss come out to tell us that INDEED she knows where the girls are. Which of cause she actually knows, even now.

7. How come they confirmed it by the word of the suspect that the girls are in Northern Nigeria? Which of cause they are even now.

8. What made her tell the families the kidnappers are demanding an insane amount of money that even if the families get to know about it they would be shocked and they shouldn’t tell anyone… (FAST FORWARDING…)

9. Did anyone get to see the bones? How realistic they are as human bones?

10. Why would a whole security institution attempt to enter a crime scene without their own facilities but would request for items from neighbors to carry out their task? Is it to psychologically psyche them up for the story.

11. Why did they agree to bring back the result to the families in private but then chose to break it publicly and asked them to take heart.

12. Why did they even break the news in the night? Is it so that it would be talked about for a few hours and the night will fall for all of us to go and sleep and start ignoring it the next day?

13. How come they never came with any official document about the DNA result to explain it to the family how it works but came empty handed?

14. Why did they ask the parents to have patience because the president of the republic is going to call then immediately and indeed he did have the guts to call the families immediately at the very moment? Isn’t this a scam?

16. Why has the police institution handed over an envelope to the families in previous months and now the family is asking them to come back for their envelop because they didn’t even touch it.

…. 42 more questions ignored. Now,

Would they be ready to hand over the bones to the families for private investigation?

This is written so that you may be a bit informed, probably about 10% of the whole drama from our security institution and our government.

As simple as this seems, the future of this nation and your importance to your leaders lies clearly in the dealings of their everyday activities.

Become concern and ask vital questions than to settle down for the… Ony3 whee… Syndrome. Be ready to make your self available for the Sekond-Takoradi youth conference and come and hear vital information from the families that would make you rethink all over again.

Ghanaian youths are not angry enough and so is specifically Sekond-Takoradi youths.

But one day, you going to need a lot of people to gather to help you in one way or the other, even if it’s your marriage ceremony. Imagine if no one turns up to support your course.

The time is now, it’s our responsibility to bond Sekond-Takoradi and bond western region.

We do hope those up there are listening and will certainly come out to address the issues as they are.

You can check out Imagine Takoradi on Facebook;

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