How Rich Wendy Shay is has Finally been found

The issue of the 90’s bad girl replacement Wendy Shay is one which doesn’t look like it’s going to die down soon as she stressed on the need for her to check the internet regarding how much she was worth when the question was posed to her.

Therefore we have decided to do that for her as one of the finest celebrities in the Ghanaian music industry doesn’t know.

A quick search on the internet where she asked us to take a look at showed the Uber driver hitmaker is worth between $100,000 -$1 million which I do believe is a fair valuation of the celebrity regarding the number of years she has been in the entertainment industry.

And so Wendy Shay, the next time you’re asked how much you’re worth? Remember the likes of Wikipedia and other major sites online doesn’t value you more than a million dollars unless you come out to prove otherwise.

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