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Hire me for what? Probably that’s what might be making your mind  go in circus. Why me and why not the other one?

Don’t get me twisted, I’m not by all means perfect. Hey, I am still learning just as you’re doing but I certainly do come in very handy.

Do you need contents to fill your blog? Then you are obviously at the right place at right time.

You can Hire me to write articles for you or employ me as a ghost writer. I can write articles for you on any topic or niche you want but some of the areas I usually write on are:


Traffic Generation

Social Media


Make Money Online

Home business

Affiliate Marketing

And even poetry for that lovely one or for your poetry blog. I secretly keep a poetry blog which I ain’t ready to disclose here. It’s a secret. Please don’t tell anyone. It’s known as TalkingPoems.com. Good! Hope it’s between only me and you. Ha..ha.

Contact me if you need articles in any of these niche or any niche your want. I will be glad to work things out with you.

 Link Building

Do you want to improve your blog’s rankings and need high quality backlinks to your blog? If yes, I will be glad to help you out.

I can help you build high Pagerank blog. I will build links for you through blog commenting;  I can also write and submit  guest post on your behalf with links pointing to your blog.

Pinging your blog every week on your behalf with higher reputable sites will be the norm. This will make your blog easily accessible and SEO friendly.

Hire Me for your WordPress Blog Set Up

Do you need a WordPress blog? Either for business or for a personal blog and you are too busy to set it up or you lack the necessary technical skills to achieve this; I am here to help you out.

I will setup your WordPress blog for you with: a nice looking theme/design necessary free plugins, with a special way of backing up your blog.

You don’t need to worry yourself about all the technical terms I will handle everything. When I’m done, all that will be left for you is to start publishing your articles/blog posts.

If you need any of the above mention services, You can CONTACT ME HERE.

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to make my blog http://www.kennethnoisette.com comply with European and U.S. laws completely. Do you have any knowledge of doing this, and how much are your articles? I hope to hear from you Kabenlah.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Kenneth Noisette

  2. Thanks for this great idea of yours. I really like the idea you have on your website as well as the way you make a branding on yourself. I was planning to have my own branding name and services that I could offer to my potential clients. I just don’t have the idea on how to put things together up as of now. So that’s why I haven’t still bought my own domain name website as I still don’t have yet any ideas to put into it.

    Well that was before. Not until now that I have visited and read about your website. Soon, I’ll contact you when I have my own. And it would be a great idea if we could create a blog of networks for each other to boost potential good rankings and authority for our websites! 🙂


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