The 10 Greatest African Kings and Queens


2. Shaka Zulu

Another great king the world must know is the man Shaka Zulu. A man believed to have killed his own mother and wife including his unborn child just for power will make you wonder why the world still hails him till date.

Shaka, king of the Zulus was one king very well known for his military exploits in the battlefield. His formation of battling during wars was made him unique. A great warrior and a conqueror who made sure he expanded the Zulu empire.
Once in power, Shaka began reorganizing the forces of his people in accordance with ideas he had developed as a warrior in Dingiswayo’s army.


He expanded the Zulu tribe from a mere number of 1500 to more than 200,000 during his reign. He developed a special traditional spear which was later known as assegai. It was short in nature compared to the longer ones which were being used. That made the Zulu warriors unique and very hard to defeat.

Having proved the advantages of the new tactics, Shaka armed his warriors with short-handled stabbing spears and trained them to move up to their opponents in close formation with their body-length cowhide shields forming an almost impenetrable barrier to anything thrown at them.
Shaka, king of the Zulus was later assassinated by his half brothers but his legacy continues to live on till date. The name Shaka is one of the greatest kings of all time.

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