The 10 Greatest African Kings and Queens

There is this proverb which goes like this; ‘Until the day the lion learns to write, every story between the lion and the hunter will always glorify the hunter’. In as much as the lion is one big and fearsome animal, the hunter is always glorified in all its tales.

Africa is one big continent with lots of diverse cultures. A culture rich in history but interestingly have a little impact on the world as perceived. But is that really the case? Some even see Africa as one country languishing in poverty with many people suffering from hunger. At least that’s what is being portrayed for the world to see.

Again, is that really the case? We as Africans are almost a billion in population and the second largest continent on earth. Please, the word there is a continent and not a country. Hahaha!
Today marks a day of a new era has the ‘lion’ itself wants to write his own story before the ‘hunter’ does. A look at some of the greatest kings and queens from Africa to ever grace the world is what’s on the radar:

1.Mansa Musa

The first king who readily comes to mind is Mansa Musa. Mansa Musa is believed to be the richest person ever to live on Earth. His estimated worth is believed to be more than $400 billion in current inflation adjustment. He was the King of the Mali Empire which expanded to present-day Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Mauritania. His reign is believed to have begun from early 1300 to 1337. His more than two decades of rule saw the expansion of his empire and the building of the world’s first university; the University of Timbuktu which is located in present-day Mali.

In 1324, he did the unthinkable. As a devoted Muslim, his pilgrimage to Mecca caught the eye of the world. He didn’t do it on the low. The rest of the world caught wind of his massive wealth.
His 4,000-mile journey wasn’t complete without tens of thousands of soldiers, civilians and slaves.

More than 500 slaves dressed in fine silk carrying gold which he freely gave to the poor on his way to his pilgrimage. There were also camels and horses carrying gold bars.
It is believed that on his stop in Cairo(Egypt), he spent so much gold and donated so much money to the poor that he caused mass inflation. It took years for the city to fully recover from the currency crisis.

Musa Keita after his death is still been remembered as one of the greatest kings Africa has ever had. Mansa means King hence the name Mansa Musa wouldn’t be forgotten easily in the history books of the world.

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