Don’t Shave It All, Just Waxed the Bikini Area and Shave the Lips – Efia Odo Gives Reasons Why Ladies Should Not Be Shaving Everything

It appears the controversies surrounding Efia Odo isn’t going to die down anytime soon as she was recently in the news after almost showing her v*gina to the world with controversial wear.

In her recent tweet, she has this to say’

” Pubic hair helps to fend off bacteria and unwanted pathogens from entering the vaginal area. This can help prevent you from getting yeast infections, vaginitis, and UTIs “

Efia Odo added,

” Trim the top and shave the lips . Just waxed the bikini area and shave the lips “

She recently celebrated for having 200,000 followers on Instagram and we do believe she hopes to hit a million in no time and it’s, of course, something which is really going to call for celebration. In the meantime, she needs 800,000 followers now.


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