Dembele removes Barcelona from his social media account

According to, Ousmane Dembele’s future at Barca is more and more complicated. The Frenchman, who could be included in the Neymar deal, removed all references to Barcelona on social media.

With Barcelona traveling to Paris to try and convince PSG and the Parisian side demanding Dembele, the Frenchman could have made clear his intention of leaving the Catalan capital.

The French winger, who is injured and is waiting for punishment for refusing to have medical tests instead of going away, could be experiencing his final few days as a Barca player.

In this way and despite the fact the Frenchman has still got a Barca shirt on in his profile photo, Dembele has removed Barcelona from his location which was in his Instagram account.

This could be the definitive goodbye for a player vilified by Barcelona, but loved by PSG. It is worth remembering that just before leaving Borussia Dortmund, the Frenchman did the same thing on social media.


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