Beautiful Lady Commits Suicide after Husband married neighbour 3 days after Divorce

We happen to chance upon a tweet by one Somadina Miracle who claims his auntie has committed suicide after her husband left her to marry their neighbour 3 days after divorce. It is believed the beautiful woman went to deep depression during the marriage as it was evident the husband wasn’t caring and loving enough but still she decided to give her all to the marriage.

According to Somadina, She explained that the husband cheats on her wife with several women and was advised to concentrate on her marriage and children after she complained bitterly to his family members.

Somadina also revealed that what broke the camel’s back was when the husband attempted to sleep with her aunt’s 18-year-old sister who was living with them.

Have a look at Somadina tweets;


That’s how the beautiful story of love ends. This time in tragedy,

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