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Curiosity certainly killed the cat but not the one in my house. If you aren’t curious, why are you here?

Of course, to know the one behind this blog. I am among the lucky few who happens to celebrate their birthday on the first day of the the year. Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe is from the shores of Ghana born on 1st January, 1991. Per calculations, you will certainly realize that I just turned 23 good years.


So why kabenlah.com?

kabenlah dot com is my platform where I look to the world through the eyes of others. My thoughts on this platform are influenced by people like you.  Writing and reading is just fun and really enlightens me.

So who is Cudjoe?

Cudjoe was born out of a woman. lol.. so who was born out of a man? I am an online entrepreneur who recently discovered the goldmine in this confusing world. Mind you, I have no degree. The online world requires no paper but rather patience, hardwork and perseverance and obviously the money will start flowing.

I am the author of ”FaceBags Poetry”  and also an affiliate marketer.  We are living in a world now which are predecessors will forever envy. Lest I forget, I am the first born of four children..,lol..hehehe…hahaha. That obviously goes along with great responsibility.

Are you married?

No. And I have no girlfriend. It’s a priority this year. I’m not saying I’m going to marry this year but rather get one lovely girl as my girlfriend.

Favourite Quote

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.-Bill Cosby

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  1. So your name is Cudjoe or Emmanuel? You wrote the name “Emmanuel” on your comment on my blog and so now I’m very confused. Anyhoo, I like the way you write. God bless…


    1. Oh Madam Angie, don’t be confused. Cudjoe is my name as well as Emmanuel.
      My full name is Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe. So you see, calling me by any of these names, I’m obviously going to respond.
      Thanks for liking my writings and may God bless you as well.

  2. Hi Cudjoe!

    I have been going through your blog for last few days now, and i really like your work. I will agree with you on the fact that there is no need for a degree when you are a blogger. It is the energy you put into your work that counts.

    It is your ability to interact with the world, and fill it up with your own special energy. Like i just love the design of your blog, especially because it is not spammed with too many adverts!

    Yah, i would say you have strong roots, and this will take you far!

    I intend to be a regular reader from now on! 🙂


  3. Emmanuel,

    You really are a lovely person.

    That was a wonderful “welcome back” you gave me. I really did appreciate it.

    Health and prosperity to all us Bloggers in 2014.

    PS Being a patient in hospital teaches you a very valuable attribute PATIENCE!

    PPS I am only 57 years older than you:)

  4. Hello Emmanuel Kabenlah,
    Nice to see your blog. This the first time I have visited your blog. The most important is that your blog’s awesome post title’s attracted me a lot that I am forced to bookmark your blog. Thanks for being a blogger.

  5. Nice story Emmy, love it 😉 And good luck tomorrow when the USA plays Ghana, should be a fun game!

  6. Hi Emmanuel

    It’s a pleasure to connect with you and thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts there. Much appreciation. From what I’ve read so far here, I love your blog and have signed up to receive email subscription. Keep on smiling and adding a touch of ‘humor’ to your writing as well.

  7. HeyEmmanuel
    You are sweet. To become an entrepreneur you don’t require a degree. All the greatest entrepreneurs are collage dropouts. So need not to worry. Making money online really require patience and hardwork because there is lot of competition online for the top rank in google. Wish you a great future and You may get a sexy sweet girlfriend. All the best bro.

    anurag kumar

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