Roadblocks to Motivation in Blogging


Another day has dawned on us as usual and Kabenlah jas no option than to write. Yes, I obviously need to write something. Hahaha! I have being away for a while and I doubt whether you will love to know where I have being all these while. For those sending me emails wanting to know whether I’m preparing for my wedding anniversary; here I am and unfortunately I have still no bride at least not yet.

As usual, this post isn’t complete without my good friend Little Johnny and today is of course no exception; he is still in trouble again.

An inspector going round checking TV licence and gets into Little Johnny’s house.

Little Johnny: I do not have a TV, that means I do not have a licence.

Inspector: But I saw a TV antenna on your roof?

Little Johnny: Inspector please come in.

(Little Johnny opens the fridge and points to the jar of milk)

Little Johnny :Inspector, what is this?

Inspector: How can you ask me such a silly question, it’s a jar of milk.

Little Johnny: Does that mean I have cows in my yard?!

Hahaha! Let move back to business as usual and as you already know, the issue on board is ‘Roadblocks to motivation in Blogging’

Many blogs are already winding up without any reason or better still, reasons such as adsense not being approved. That’s weird!

So you have been blogging for quite some time. You think that it has been a long time while you are doing the same tasks repeated, time and again. You neither have much of the visitors to your blog on a daily basis. You applied for Google adsense and Google E-mailed you by kindly stating

Your application for adsense has been rejected due to the following reasons:

copyright material(or any other reason) or site doesn’t comply with terms and conditions

You again posted some quality content and built some more backlinks and then applied for Google adsense but the result was the same; you have been disapproved once again. Also, you have not been able to increase the traffic. So, don’t you get demotivated?

These are all of the external roadblocks to motivation in blogging. However, you might have some internal ones also such as lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, lack of confidence or lack of patience. All of these result to decelerate your pace towards a meaningful creation.

So, from where do you find the milk for the tea?

The sources for motivation may differ for different people. As the person in particular may behave very differently for a particular situation.

“You have got a dream; you have to protect it. People wanna say something to you, they say you can’t do it” – Pursuit of Happiness

Remember the last football match you ever watched? Whenever the team has not scored up to the mark, the coach does not scold the players. Instead, he used to motivate them by his own peculiar ways. And many a times, his team does remarkably good to win the match from a situation from where it seemed just nowhere. So, it is all about motivation.

Motivation is essentially a gradual process. What is important is to let you get motivated. The key to success is to tap yourself to the appropriate and the right sources of motivation. The sources include:

Actual Motives– You should identify the actual needs you want to satisfy. You should identify why you pursue things and then put effort to fulfill them.

Start finding fun inside your work, what you do.

Try to improve your reputation among the people who share the same thoughts as you.

Find the desire among yourself to meet the expectations of others from you. Also, try to inculcate the power to negate the people who think you cannot do something by doing better than what they thought of you.

Try not to pay attention to the words of those people who do not have the dare to appreciate the people for their good deeds. They do not deserve to be taken seriously by the hard working mass.

Do not indulge yourself in the ordinary tasks, particularly when you are failed. Just try harder for the challenging tasks and when you should be successful in accomplishing the target, the feeling you shall get shall be just awesome.

Last, but not the least, you need to believe in whatever you are doing. Of course the hard work you are doing is worthwhile of making you a successful person at the end of the day.

What can be the factor for motivation?

There can never be a set of guidelines to have a source of motivation. As every person is unique and have its own identity, the motivating source could be anything from a book, to a friend, family or any material also. The main aim is to find the source and let the spark among you alive. It is the spark actually which differentiates the dead from the lively, the meaningful from the scratch.

Tending to conclusion:

You may have read many articles regarding “how be a successful blogger”. In most of them, you must have read about the particulars you have to follow as writing quality content, doing seo, or other blah blah. But, I had seen it with a new perspective. What I think personally is that at first you should find the motivation in any work what you are doing and rest all will follow on its own.

Your Turn!

It’s now your to share your views. What are your roadblocks to motivation in this whole blogging thing? And how have you survived all these? Let’s hear your views through your comment!

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  1. Wow, Kabenlah. You did it again brother. First, my adsense has been approved. Secondly, i want to say that the “Actual Motive” is what is important. If you know what you want, no one has the right to stop you. I didn’t know that but when i did, and i feel i need some motivation, i just visit blogs like this. Thank you.

    p.s You’ve been gone for a while

  2. Hey man,

    Motivation is a powerful thing. In most cases, not many people are serious in making it work.

    I mean, you got to have the motivation coming to you by finding what you like best. Humans ae often covered with demotivation things such as how the day turn out to be etc.

    At the end of the day, make sure you keep yourself motivated up again.

    Hope this make sense and thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the interesting and informative post. Reading your posts motivates me to push myself harder, so that I can become better at what I do.

  4. I have the tendency to get motivated by external factors like critics, or when I see a post not doing well and not getting enough feedback. I yearn for motivation all the time . Thanks for readily available videos of Oprah and other great historical motivators online and blogs like these for the instant boost.

  5. This year marks my fifth failed attempt at blogging, I have built three good blogs, but I was unable to realize the potentials of these blogs until I sold them, my greatest roadblock so far is the issue of traffic, I don’t care about making HUGE money, I just want to be sure somebody somewhere is reading my blog, if that is settled, I would forever be a happy blogger.

    I trust you’re doing good, Emmanuel.

  6. Hi Emmanuel

    You touched discussed a very great topic. This is very motivating. A lot of bloggers need to be motivated as we all know that blogging is not so easy.

    But like you have mentioned, there are ways to motivate yourself to blogging. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Hey Emmanuel,

    You have pointed out the right thing. This is certainly quite a task. Especially at the early phase of blogging career when you feel like not getting back anything. But the you have mentioned some really cool ways to get out of that.

  8. hi Emmanuel ,

    First This is Great List and Superb Information Article helpful post Daer i really like , it , Keep it up Thank You Very very Much For Sharing me , Ammezing Writter ,


  9. Hi Emmanuel,

    First I just want to let you know that I love “little Johnny” stories you put into your posts! It always puts a smile on my face.

    But back to the content. If we are passionate about what we do, there won’t be so many roadblocks with our blog content. There will be times where we do stare at a blank screen. But they are few and far between if we truly believe in what we are doing.

    Many will tell you so many things of how to blog, and that is all well and good. But, the key is motivation. Finding your passion within on your topic. Always learning about it so you can share something great with your readers. Being enthusiastic and not caring what others might think of you.

    You have to know yourself before you get out there!


  10. Hi Emmanuel,
    Once again i found very interesting and informative post.
    You always shared well written post.
    What a great conversation between inspector and little johny.
    I really got inspired with the way of your posting a blog.
    Thanks ..please keep sharing..i am waiting one another post.
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  11. Definetely a motivating post. Everyone needs to be motivated to achieve sucess in all the fields. When one stays motivated the chance of attaining sucess rate will become easy.Thanks for sharing such a post

  12. Hi Emmanuel,
    This is really great post indeed!

    You are rigthmotivation is really important thing according to Blogging. i am so proud to you for this little Johny new and new jokes. what a mind yar.

    Thanks for sharing
    Areesha Noor!

  13. Hey,

    Motivating is a great thing in life to get success. You detailed with informatively there as i always say that it was interesting post too.

    Motivating self can bring success in life. Without this no one can be success in life.

    Thank you.


    Romjan Dhayan

  14. I think this is the key idea: “believe in whatever you are doing”

    If we have that, then even if Google rejects our AdSense, we’re gonna pick ourselves up and get back at it. Desire will spur creativity and productivity both.

  15. Having lost motivation is something that can stop even a good blogger dead in their tracks and is typical for anyone who does a lot of writing. Quite often our immediate work environment can ‘sub-consciously’ put down our motivation or ability to be creative.

  16. Awesome content you wrote here,
    Yes we need to write from our hearts and stop caring what other people might think.
    Those who write negative about our content, then do not understand it and it says more about them then us!


    – Nestor

  17. Well, If i had to give feedback about this article then, i say only one word and that is Awesome. Yes, Kabenlah bro, an another article on your site, which i liked most and this time can’t stop myself to do comment.

    Thanks for this article !!

  18. Wonderful post,

    Content is the main thing which make the blog special. When coming to the motivation part I’d say its plays a vital role and make us consistent.

  19. Nice Joke..!!!
    But that comes with a learning, i would like to share my experience in the field of blogging. I failed a couple of time which was lose of captial as well as time but sooner or later I learned few things and today I have 3 tech blog and 1 Health blog and earning handsome amount of $$$$.
    Thank you for the post,

  20. Once again i found very interesting and informative post.
    You always shared well written post.
    What a great conversation between inspector and little johny.
    I really got inspired with the way of your posting a blog.
    Thanks ..please keep sharing..i am waiting one another post.

  21. Hey,
    Thank you a big big time !!!
    I was looking for something like this for so long. How came I have not seen this post yet?? You are in my bookmark now (y) Thank a million zillion trillion times!!
    Thanks for the valuable
    input about blogging motivation Roadblocks. I will follow these tips.
    Your expertise will help me tremendously.
    Thank You.. 🙂

  22. Hey Emmanuel, I agree on this unique aspect you discussed. Every person is unique and then they require unique thing to motivate them. For me, traveling seems to be working on so far. Let’s see how far I can go ahead in my blogging journey 🙂

  23. Great topic, great post.

    You are right – we all have motivational challenges from time to time. And I don’t think it applies to bloggers alone.

    I also agree that this is a huge issue for most business owners, but especially for home business people. It can get lonely as a solo entrepreneur; that’s why your suggestion to connect with others is so valuable. We are social creatures, so it’s imperative to develop or plug into existing networks for support and encouragement.

    Techniques I’ve used to get myself motivated are varied. One is to turn off the computer, lie on my bed with a piece of paper and a pencil and just, well, doodle for a while. It helps get my creative juices flowing again. Often within 15 minutes I’ve mapped out a simple game plan replete with lots of exciting ideas that will keep me motivated for weeks. Bloggers can use a variation of this technique if they’re suffering from an inspirational deficit

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