How to Become a Popular Blogger in this Confused area called Blogosphere?

How to become a popular blogger in this confused area called blogosphere? This is of course the exact question one person asked me on Facebook but I think it will be prudent to address this issue in the form of a post.I do like how the question was framed with particular interest in the confused part.

If you want one area where you’re likely to be confused the more, then please find yourself in an area we refer to as blogosphere. Whiles Blogger A has this to say, Blogger B has a different opinion to share as well but the funny thing is that it’s all happens on the same subject-matter.

As always, posts on is where I look at the world through the eyes of others aren’t complete without Little Johnny who always finds in one mischievous act or the other and as always, today is of no exception.

Little Johnny got to school late on Monday morning:

Teacher: Little Johnny why did u come to school late?

Little Johnny : One man lost #1,000 note at the bus stop

Teacher: “Ooohh! That’s good of you…seems you were helping the man look for his lost money.

Little Johnny answered “Nooo! Am I mad?  I was standing on the money”

But on that Sunday preceding the Monday, look at what happened to Little Johnny. No wonder he needs money.

Little Johnny’s pastor called him after church and asked him how much he bought his iphone 6 smartphone.

Little Johnny lied that he bought the phone for $100 instead of $1000, because he didn’t want the Pastor to shout and ask how much he (Little Johnny) gave to God that month.

All of a sudden, the Pastor gave Little Johnny  two hundred dollars to buy two of the phones for him and his wife. Now Little Johnny is confused and doesn’t know what to do. What advice will you give to Little Johnny?

Hahaha! Obviously, Little Johnny need some great advice and  is indeed in great dilemma.
Let now move back to business as usual. How does one become a popular blogger in this confused world we call blogosphere?

  1. Don’t Change your Blogging niche just like that

Let people know your blog for one particular thing and don’t be the jark of all trades. Be known for solving one particular problem instead of lambasting your readers with all sorts of posts around the web.

  1. Always answer the important questions of your readers so that they remember you as their guide.

Wanting to becoming a popular blogger is all about answering the needed questions your readers want to know.

  1. While sharing links express the topic clearly so that people become interested in clicking your link.
  2. Thank people for their retweets since they are helping you to become more popular in their side.
  3. Engage with your Readers

Whether you are popular or trying to gain popularity, engaging with your audience is the key. If you can keep your regular readers happy and use good ways to get more and more new readers, then you can easily get popularity and once your blog becomes popular you don’t need to worry about anything. If you were blogging for money, then now you can easily get a decent income as money will flow to you because you have finally build a brand out of your blog.

Always remember that not just the branding of your blog is important but also personal branding of yourself is important. Why? Because you are the one who run your blog and people want to talk with you, their influencer. They want you to help and educate them.

Your Turn

What do you make of this and what do you have to add? How does one become popular as a blogger? Your thought is very well welcomed.

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  1. Hi Emmanuel,

    I loved the fact about branding yourself is as important as branding your blog.

    Nice piece again from your side. Being popular is really not everyones cup of tea. Success can be attended if the points shared by you will be acknowledged.

  2. Hi Emmanuel,

    I’m reading Robert Greene’s ‘The Art of Mastery’ at the moment and I can only summarize your post with a single line: BECOME A MASTER (ABOVE ALL OTHER MASTERS) IN WHAT YOU DO.

    This means, becoming an authority, having an independent voice and leveraging and skillfully deploying your knowledge till everyone else acknowledges you as the best there is.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

    Make the day great!



    I see that little Johnny is a Nigerian! The (#) appended to the amount he stood on was quite a discovery!

  3. To be a popular blogger there are few things which you should consider. Write what people need? You can find this using Google trends as what people are searching more in your niche.

    Second thing, always help everyone in order to get into the heart of other people.

    These really help!

    Thanks for the post Emmanuel

  4. Hi Emmanuel

    I think Little Johnny should go and buy Tokunbo IPhone 6 or go and return the money to the pastor and tell him that the phone is out of stock. (Lol). Nice to read your post and a great topic. Being popular isn’t a day job but I think bloggers think too much about popularity.

    Bloggers should focus on being themselves, solving user’s problem and think about how to apply their personality in writing. I like your blog not just because it is informative but your personality is in your writing. If I met you, I am sure you will make me laugh and I like people that make me happy. That’s what makes bloggers unique; people want to know you as a person and that is what will make any blogger popular.

  5. Hy Emmanuel, There is no tangible benefit of blogging unless you are very popular. You can only become famous if you are connected to other famous bloggers. Many new bloggers give up because they expect too much of themselves.
    well… Very interesting post. You bring up some very good points. thanks

  6. This is why i love to read your blog posts. At least,it will keep a smile on your face as you read through the post. Thanks for the Info.

  7. Hi Emmanuel,

    A very interesting and informative post I must say. People will only identify with you if they have confidence in your ability to provide solutions to their challenges. I cannot over-emphasize point 2.

    Keep up the good work, and I wish you well.

  8. Hi Emmanuel,

    Interesting post, written in an equally interesting manner. Loved the example your showed depicting little Johny and his dilemma. I am new to blogsphere and going through exactly what you have written above. I will surely follow your advice and will try to turn around the tide in my favor. Thanks for such a lovely article.

  9. It’s very difficult to be popular if you are a newbie and no one knows you. You will have to start from scratch, do the basic things to make a website, social media pages or accounts to connect your website, create your first blog post, your logo, completing your profile and so many more. All of those belongs to the first step, the second is to comment on other blogs, and then follow same minded people and influencers.

    Do great, help, be relevant, be useful and so much. Make them feel you’re worth the trust and never be afraid of making friends.

    I must say, blogging is easier said than done. If you think, you’re doing it wrong, don’t give in easily or change your niche in just a snap. You have to consider things first.

  10. hey I want to say one thing your way of writing is really awesome very Interesting to read your articles and also most informative too.. keep posting..

    Thank you,

    Bhanu Teja Reddy C

  11. Absolutely! Starting a new blog is just like starting a new business and it won’t become popular overnight. It will involve a lot of hard work and determination in order to turn the dream into a reality. You will also need to spread the word about your blog to the online community if you wish to become popular blogger.

  12. Hi Emmanuel,

    It’s been a while my friend :). I think being popular is closely related to being remembered. The easiest way to get remembered is by helping others. I do this occasionally by making a question from my readers in a detail post (in an answer). In result, I see my local alexa rank improved and get some social shares for the post too. Helping is great for both bloggers and audiences.

    Wish you have a great week my friend

    1. Hello Osuofia,

      Welcome to With regards to your question, a post will be coming up on Monday and I believe it will answer you perfectly as this is one post which will be coming from the experts in this blogosphere.

      Thanks and do have a great day!

  13. Hi Emmanuel,

    Great post. Another tip is to connect with blog (blog owners) within your niche. This way you can share ideas, be inspired and inspirer others.

    Plus you’re be associating yourself within the right blog circles which can also help to get you in front of your target market/audience.


  14. Is being a while have been here, I don’t need someone to tell me have missed a lot! Oh, i miss little johnny a lot!

    There are lot of blog out there and the number keep increasing to the extent that at times i will start believing the number of blogs are now more than people’s population, standing out of the crowd is really an important task to make it in blogosphere

  15. Hi Emmanuel,

    Along with great content, I think think having a good marketing strategy will help expose you. You also made some great statements about always engaging with your readers and answering the questions they may have. In that way, you become the go-to person for a given topic and become known as an expert in your field.

  16. Thank you for you advice Emmanuel however what happened to little Jonny after that what he did with the money. What to do if it’s a personal blog and there is no niche. I think what you said is quite true. Most of the time we confuse our readers by putting all the craps that comes to our mind.

  17. Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for sharing great Idea about becoming popular blogger. Great concept about blogging. I love it.
    Thanks for sharing great post with Little Johny jokes with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  18. Hi Emmanuel,
    You always make post with interestingly and funny. This post was interesting. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up the hard works.


    Romjan dhayan

  19. I came here because of the post but I ended up liking the joke much more than what I came for. I learnt that we have to be truthful, always. Even if we are not on the right path.

  20. Great tips.. :)You will also need to spread the word about your blog to the online community if you wish to become popular blogger and even having an independent voice and leveraging and skillfully deploying your knowledge till everyone else acknowledges you as the best there is.
    These really help!

    Thanks for the post Emmanuel

  21. really it is so irritating when you want but you do not know about blogging and when you know about blogging it is so difficult to survive in this blogsphere but you had given cool idea

  22. Excellent info here, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  23. Hi Emmanuel,
    Emmanuel always make post interestingly and funny. This post was very funny and interestingly and its very informative post. Thank You So Much For Sharing This Keep Sharing Posts Like This..


    Ali Haider

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