Who wants to go to heaven? And obviously the entire class raised their hands except Little Jane who was weeping at the corner with her hands down. Mr. Smith gently walked to her to inquire more. So Little Jane, why are you crying? Little Jane looked at him and continued to weep the more.

The whole class was perplexed. What at all could be worrying Little Jane? Maybe your guess was as good as mine but in this case, it wasn’t death that Little Jane was afraid of but rather had being warned by the mother to quickly run back home when Sunday School was over. How can she therefore get to heaven when her stunning mother had warned her? So you see, that was Little Jane’s dilemma.

The argument of whether Heaven exists or not is something I will leave to those atheists-(people who believe there is no God)  and their evolution nonsense. Yes, atheists claim there is no GOD but yet still spend their entire life  telling the whole world there is no God with some baseless proofs. With me, I do believe in GOD and Heaven.

Hey but wait, today’s post isn’t about whether Heaven exists or not but what I want to know is, if you I should die right now,what would be your reaction? Obviously you’ll shed some small tears and the rest remains history. My president died about a year ago and it appears the whole nation has forgotten about him. Death is one subject everyone abhors greatly but yet still all of us wants to get to Heaven. The surest way to get to Heaven is through death. If so, why do many of us fear the subject of death anytime it comes up.

If You Hear I’m Dead as a Blogger

A man’s great challenge is to develop the inner strength to express his true self and not to fear death. He must learn to share his love with the world without holding back. When a man is satisfied that he’s done that, he can make peace with death. But if he fails to do so, death becomes his enemy and haunts him all the days of his life.

A man cannot die well unless he lives well. A man lives well when he accepts his mortality and draws strength from knowing that his physical existence is temporary. When a man faces and accepts the inevitability of death… when he learns to see death as his ally instead of his enemy… he’s finally able to express his true self. So a man isn’t ready to live until he accepts that he’s already dead.

So tell me, do you fear death? I’m not here to simply tell you how immortal I am. Because I’m not and I’m one day also going to die just as everyone. Good! Live a life which will make people talk good things about you if you depart from this planet earth.

Now let’s look at this lovely poem written by one Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe on the theme, If you hear I’m Dead

If you hear I am dead
Please don’t go anywhere to look into it
Because I was not guaranteed to live forever
So, whenever I go and however I go
Let me go in peace

Don’t go blaming anyone for my death

For I go with joy.

If you ever hear I am dead

Please don’t say I died untimely death

Because no one gave me a specific number of years to live as a blogger

So how can you tell if it was not my time?

Both green and brown leaves fall from trees.

If you hear I am dead

Please bury my wasted useless body

And get back to your lives

The fact is,

The body you see on my death will not be me

But the husk I have left behind after the harvest

So throw the husk away quickly and inexpensively.

For my wasted body is of no use

It is just waste

If you hear I am dead

Let it remind you that you also won’t live forever

So, take thought of your life and watch how you live

So that death will not be a frightening

Prospect for You.

If you hear I am dead

Mind your life and love more

For each mortal is destined the six feet

For death still remain the end of each soul

Live and Love your life

If you hear I am dead

Please don’t come and read

any insincere tributes at my funeral

If you cannot say the truth about me,

And about my impact of my life

Then do me a favour

Just Keep quiet.

I know I’m one day going to die one as a blogger and I will not be  hypocritical about that. I have seen many bloggers in this blogosphere but now sees them no more. Where are they now? And it is obvious they’ve die as a blogger.

I think it’s now time to stop my long winding talk. I’m going to enjoy my breakfast now. As I do so, I’ll be really glad to moderate your comments. They are greatly welcomed on this subject matter.

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  1. Hi Emmanuel,

    Death is universal and a true leveler. As Steve Jobs once famously declared, it is the one thing we all share. To really live above it, then we must take his immortal words to heart:

    “If today were my last day, will I really do what I’m about to do?”

    Once the answer remains yes – consistently, believe me, death itself is but nothing!

    However, you, the great Kabenlah, have no business with death – yet. Please, don’t say green and brown leaves fall…they do. But in your case, I believe the star on your head is brighter than the one which was on Kwame Nkrumah’s. So you see – your life hasn’t even started. So, how can you die??

    Live long and for now, enjoy the day!


  2. hey Kabby,

    This post when i first saw the title was very very SCARY. I thought you had been diagnosed with a terible Disease like Ebola or Cancer and you have few Days left.

    Thought this is your own way of saying prepare for my sudden leave LOL…

    I guess you just think out of the box Most times to write such great articles.

    Death is something everyone will experience in all aspect of ones life before the final death comes.

    Dont focus on dieing as a blogger yet, the World still needs & wants to read your Fantastic articles.

    Very thoughtful article Bro, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hello Babs,

      Abeg oo, ebola isn’t in Ghana at least not yet. Hahaha!

      This is one poem I wrote sometime back and I thought it wise to just share it.

      Let me add this; one of my friends visited the mortuary recently and had sleepless nights and him recounting the ordeal made me put this post up.

  3. Hello KB !!

    Death is something, most people fear to hear about, yet, it is not scared to visit.. Hahaha. If you don’t know where you are going, I guess you should be afraid of how you would be treated.

    The fact still remains the same that the truth can’t be changed, people have tried to prove that there is no God and there is no heaven. If so, why do they fear to die and why are there miracles and why do some Religion try to criticize Christianity. Its funny..

    It is bad if someone are trying to cover the truth with a lie that can not be proven. I believe in God and in Heaven and above all I believe in Christ Jesus… Heaven is real, don’t be deceived. And GOD still loves us all.. HIS love is not partial..

    Thanks KB for your message, I find your poem interesting and a point of reference ..

    1. Hello Dok,

      People I pity the most are those who refer themselves as atheists. They are go about trying to convince the entire world there is no God and burying themselves in some sort of theories. Hahaha!

      Thanks for your comment bro and please do have a great day.

  4. Hello Emmanuel,

    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away so Enjoy your life now 🙂

    Very interesting post Emmanuel, thanks for sharing 🙂

    Minakshi Srivastava

  5. Hi Emmanuel

    Death is inevitable; we will all die one day. I love the title of the post and was curious to know what will be your message today.

    I also like your poem. One thing I do know is do what you can till death knocks at your door.

  6. Hi Emmanuel,

    You have written a nice poem here.;)

    For bloggers giving up id not an option. As you have mentioned that people need to find their inner strength and they can’t lose it.
    Its necessary to try again and again. Hard time will come but you will defeat them will your hard work and dedication.
    Dying is not the right stuff to do.
    Thanks for the post.

    Have a rocking week ahead.:)


  7. Hi Emmanuel,

    I think we should consider several things before we deemed a blogger die. Such thing as website existence (always pay the hosting bill), content updates, and engagement on his/her blog.

    I am a part-time blogger that struggle very hard for providing time to my blog. I just love my blog and can’t leave it just like that. I want to keep it live as long as I can. Thus whenever time is not my good friend I am only focus on my blog and abandon blog commenting. When I have spare time, I definitely do blog commenting and so on, especially here 🙂

    Wish you have joyful week my friend

  8. Hi Emmy,

    Say it ain’t so?! You’re not dead as a blogger, not yet anyway 😉 But you made this point perfectly above. Great perspective on life. I enjoyed your poem too dude, keep on creating.

    Death is a constant because change is one constant. THE 1 constant of life. We die, but some never live because they fear death more than they enjoy soaking up life.

    You know me by now; the ho-hum, boring guy who went from NJ to traveling the world. I’m learning to fear death less, daily, to get more out of life. This ain’t always easy but with wise friends like yourself and with the support of my community I’m allowing the old me to die, blogging-wise AND life-wise, to allow the new me, the true me, to be reborn.

    Thanks Emmy! Keep on living brother.


  9. Hey Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe ,

    This poem was awesome to read. This post is creative and your poem. Yeah, We all should try to keep the hard work. Hard work never will lost, so one day we can be success.

    Thank you


    Romjan dhayan

  10. I realized it takes only one to strive for heaven. If you live your whole live making money, when you die a very big funeral will be made for you. Everybody will eat and drink till they forget they are at a funeral.
    The rest will be upon you. You will be the only one to face your Creator whiles luved ones will be dancing at your funeral.

  11. This is totally on the point! Mr. Emmanuel, thanks for this great article… This is the sickness of numerous writer or bloggers out there… Don’t be satisfied on just writing the facts, you must create unique ways to present it on your blog so readers will be intrigue to read it.

  12. If a blogger is dead then his blog(s) will be live forever and people will surely remember him/her since he/she had shared his knowledge to all.

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