How to Write a good Headline that Attracts like this One

The first call of action it comes delivering contents is when headlines are great and attracts. To be mentioned in the registers of great bloggers that means you’re at least doing something which is right and there is no doubt having a great headline is part of that. Copyblogger will tell you that; Your headline […]

Why India and Nigeria would have always gone to the Finals in Blogging Word Cup?

The world cup season here and the long wait are over. Everyone if not everyone, majority of the world is now concentrating on this country known as Brazil including myself. 32 countries now compete for this silverware with the former champions being trashed 5-1 in their opening game against the first runners up of the […]

Deal or No Deal? You make $85+2 years Hosting whiles I make $65 just like that!

The world they say is a beautiful place and it is such beautiful I intend sharing with you. What is in this beautiful deal? wow! The deal was suppose to be a 50-50 deal in a of worth of $150 which of course had to be $75 for both parties involved but for your trust […]