Can Blogging buy you a House, a Car and Guarantee you a Beautiful Wife?

Can blogging guarantee you all of these? A house, a car and a beautiful wife? You are a blogger and do you see these things coming your way? Hahaha! This has made me remember those days in primary school when my class 6 teacher wanted to find out what we intend becoming in future as […]

Why the likes of Madam Harleena Singh will Forever be Remembered in Blogging?

When it comes to blogging, many names will obviously will come up. The likes of John Chow, Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse and several others come in mind but when it comes to who the father of blogging is, there can be several arguments. Who is the father blogging? That is a question I am posing […]

3,000 Reasons You Should Consider Being a Blogger. Maybe You can make it 10,000.

Kabenlah, are you sure you’re going to provide us with 3,000 reasons. Hahaha! Can you make it 10,00o from your end as well? Because I am going to deliver my part. Hope you do same as well. HAHAHA! What on this earth should you consider being a blogger in this world? And that is the […]