Why are Female Bloggers better than Male Bloggers? That is a Question!

Please just hold your piece there! Why are female bloggers far better than male bloggers? That is of course a question! Hahaha! I got you there. Today, we intend discussing this question and talking of questions has brought in some questions which many do ask and it of course requires some stupid answers. Someone calls […]

Why Ipage Hosting will always Beat Hostgator, Bluehost and Arvixe Combined!

When it comes to living the online dream as a blogger or an online entrepreneur, you can’t do away with hosting. Going in for the right host is halfway to success. Poor hosting from my end caused me my first blog which was really doing great in the blogosphere. There seem to be a lot […]

How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Adsense

Is it really possible to make money from your blog without advertisements? I think you might be pondering how true that is. Many bloggers are soo much into Adsense to the extent that Adsense not approving their accounts or their accounts being suspended brings nothing other than frustration and an end to their blogging life. […]